PI Electronics AG has a compact range of own products which are used by customers worldwide. Our focus is on customer-specific developments.

Versatile Trigger Unit

The Versatile Trigger Unit converts the output signals of sensors into a digital 5V and 12V signal. The integrated, automatic scaling speeds up the operation of the device and the integrated, digital signal processing makes even the processing of complex signals possible.

Modular Test Sequencer

MTS is a framework for automated sequential functional testing in manufacturing. The test modules can be developed by the user under LabVIEW and then imported as test steps.


The DataRec measurement software allows the user to easily acquire large amounts of measurement data in real time and save them to the hard disk at the same time. The simple, intuitive user interface allows the user to start and stop the acquisition directly at the touch of a button. Measurement configurations can be loaded, edited and saved as required. The configuration editor allows an application-specific configuration of the measuring channels. Translated with (free version)

Pressure measuring systems

For our partner company DMT Druckmesstechnik GmbH we distribute pressure measuring systems exclusively for Switzerland.